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Field Op Security

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Goal Project

A safe world for us all starts with us all, together. Together we work, together we stand.

S.G.S Enterprises provides On Base and Off Base Training to start you off the proper way. We make sure when you Exit out of Training, you will be ready for to set into the field. 

Off Base Training

Online General Education:

Each students Completes

10 Featured Courses Behavior (1 Topic, 10 Courses & 2 Tracks) General (All)

English (All)

Math (All)

Science (All)

Hands On (3 Course & 3 Tracks)

Accountability (Track)

Ethics & Values (Track)

Tech Security (10 Courses)

Technology (10 Courses & 3 Tracks)

Military (5 Courses & 7 Tracks)

People ( 3 Topics, 1 Groups, 10 Courses, 7 Tracks)

Law ( Re - run ALL)

On Base Training

State law requires security guards in All Community Districts or California community district Candidates to complete a live (Cam or In-Office) course of training developed by BSIS in consultation with the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (Business and Professions Code section 7583.45 and Education Code sections 38001.5 and 72330.5).

The following syllabus outlines the new course of training.


1.0 Role and Responsibility of School/Community Security Guard/Officer (4-16 hours)

2.0 Laws and Liability (8 hours)

3.0 Security Awareness in the Educational Environment (3 hours)

4.0 Mediation/Conflict Resolution (4 hours)

5.0 Disasters and Emergencies (1 hour)

6.0 Dynamics of Student Behavior (3 hours)

7.0 Examination (1 hours)


Total Hours - 24 to 48 on Live Training


Note: Safe Plan is referenced throughout this outline as it relates to the material being covered in the specific topic.


1.0 Role and Responsibility of Security Officers/Guards (4 hours)

2.0 Role and Responsibility of Registered Security Guard (8 hours)

3.0 Role and Responsibility of Registered Security Officers (16-18 hours)

Project Outline

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Workplace Safety Keeping employees safe at work is the responsibility of everyone in the Access Group/Organization.

Duties & Responsibilities 

Security officers are responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of a company's employees, visitors, and associated property.


Security Guards/Officers are tasked with patrolling a designated area, responding to safety and security threats, and establishing a security presence. As a Training official, you will be learning the basics and advanced category of Community and How it will work for you. 


We provide brief assessment on Community Standards & Laws. Sometimes, knowing your Area/People can be a wonderful start to a successful life. There are many people Urging & Waiting for your assistance now.

With our Training & Leadership, your success in Becoming a World Star will be successful and Will stand on its own. 

* Agent/Officer + Dispatcher + Management = Success *

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