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Field Op Security


Welcome to S.G.S Enterprises. Below are our services offered to the general public. S.G.S Enterprises guarantees our work by all means. Our staff makes sure you are satisfied with our work.

S.G.S Enterprises provides Top Notch Training to all staff, no matter what field so this makes you comfortable of the services provided thru S.G.S Enterprises. View our services are start your Protection Goal Plan with a Specialist today!!!

S.G.S Enterprise Forms:

  • Club Members (Freelance Club Members - Help your Community Thrive)

  • Access Free Members (Sign Up to become a Bounty Hunter or Prevention Agent)

  • Now Hiring (General Employment (Choose from the Available Human Resources and Staff positions available)


Businesses & Organizations need the proper protection to operate successfully. This is where we step in. Rent - A - Guard for Temporary or Permanent Post Jobs, all maintained via S.G.S Enterprises.

Security Guards

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Usually Problems & Situations happen during closing hours. This is why we provide you with advanced overnight guards that protect your personal space with guaranteed protection. These armed guards/officers are called "Supers". Get a quote for a Registered Super's Post at your location today!

Professional Supers

Blackfield Protection Plus

Every knows when they need Someone or Something transported. We make it Fast & Easy to transport your item from Point A to Point B without any hassles or Funny Business. Our drivers make sure you are happy guaranteed. Unit Drivers range from $500 to $1,000.00 per block

Access Transport

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The Our Supers Program allows Community based individuals a chance to be apart of their community and make a change as much as possible. All ages may join the Our Supers Program by Clicking Here and Simply Registering

Supers Program

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